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Safety, Environment and Health

The health and safety of its professional staff and environmental preservation are reasons for the constant attention of Inovsat. Know more of details our plans of Safety, Environment and Health:


The security policy Inovsat is “Work Safely – Always”. Regular training sessions on safety are required, as well as external courses in offshore safety, fire fighting and salvage. Personal safety equipment are regularly inspected to ensure their proper functioning. If any event or action to counter security procedures, this is investigated thoroughly.


Our company’s policy is to take the necessary measures to avoid any actions that might cause harm to the environment. Special attention is given to all chemicals used, even cleaning products. Disposal of batteries and other toxic waste is controlled by procedures, and training reinforce the need to be careful, even with minimal amounts of chemicals or any substances that bring risks to the environment.


Our policy on occupational health begins with regular examinations to monitor the health of our team members. Regular exercise and sports are encouraged, as well as good eating habits. Regular training sessions ensure that everyone is aware of the possible risks from the processes to which they may be exposed on the company or in our customers, especially in offshore installations.

About us

Inovsat is a company focused on the development of projects in Satellite Telecommunications, focusing on offshore markets, mining and areas of difficult access with little or no telecommunications infrastructure.


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