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Multisat Annex V

Inovsat has a qualified staff, able to assist you every step of the process from the sale of equipment to commissioning.

Sale of Equipment – Petrobras does contracts with various types of vessels which support several different projects , the requirements for Multisat System (Annex V) also vary and this will determine what kind of equipment will be used. To make life easier for our clients we do custom list of equipments according to the needs of each case taking responsibility of our client, which in most cases greatly reduces the costs, because we prevent unnecessary equipment to be purchased.

Documentation – This process is very important because, if not done correctly the client may be fined depending on the items of non-compliance identified in the process. To avoid any problems, we follow very closely the process, in some cases where the term and requirements are very important, we deliver all documentation in hand at Petrobras to prevent loss and ensure that any documentation that is in violation or needs to be corrected or missing will be sent on the same day.

Installation and Commissioning – Once all the documentation process is approved, the commissioning is scheduled for Petrobras. We send a technician on board at the earliest opportunity prior to commissioning to make an inspection on the equipment already installed on the vessel so that on the day of commissioning no unpleasant surprises occur.

Maintenance – Because we have a multidisciplinary technical team, we are able to provide maintenance on all equipments. We work directly with the manufacturer in case of equipment under warranty and also outside it. After the warranty period, we offer the possibility to the client a maintenance contract which we offer a free preventive maintenance.

For more information contact the sales department contato@inovsat.com.br

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Inovsat is a company focused on the development of projects in Satellite Telecommunications, focusing on offshore markets, mining and areas of difficult access with little or no telecommunications infrastructure.


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