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The Technology

The communication network of Inovsat satellite is equipped with the newest technology in the market, which allows the user to take higher speeds of data transfer with lower costs, plus a much higher availability, as this technology allows us to use the satellite in a more efficient way.

What is SCPC

The acronym SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) translated indicates communication system with a satellite communication channel per carrier. Each SCPC system consists of two communication channels, one being used for transmitting and one for receiving. Despite the simplicity of the link, it provides great versatility and portability of data with a very high efficiency. In this topology, a band satellite is available exclusively for the link, giving the user total security on its contents.
See some possible topologies SCPC link.

Here are some possibilities topologies with SCPC link.

The SCPC link is quite versatile in installation and deployment, because the Point A can be installed either on-premise, as for our Data Center in the center of Rio de Janeiro where we can reach the office of any company in any capital in Brazil by Optical Fiber or radio links. The Point B can be installed anywhere you have satellite coverage, whether on land or sea, these places you do not even need electricity.

About us

Inovsat is a company focused on the development of projects in Satellite Telecommunications, focusing on offshore markets, mining and areas of difficult access with little or no telecommunications infrastructure.


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