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Our Technology

Inovsat satellite communication network is equipped with the newest technology on the market, which gives the user higher data transfer speeds with lower costs with higher availability as well. This technology allows us to use the satellite much more efficiently. The DVB-S2 technology together with ACM (Adaptive Code Modulation) gives us the possibility to put more information bits per Hertz unit. We also may, individually and automatically, adapt the coding that best suits each VSAT terminal at any moment. This way we can vastly enhance the availability of the links even in very bad weather conditions.

What a VSAT network is?

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) in most of the cases are exactly small terminals between 60 cm and 1.2 meters of diameter, but the terminal may use bigger antennas. Nowadays market, the demand to have faster links is improving every day because the VSAT antennas require slightly larger dishes. The concept of VSAT today is much closer to the technology used than the size of the antenna. A VSAT terminal is basically an antenna capable of transmitting and receiving satellite signals and a satellite modem.

The VSAT network topologies most commons are: Star and Mash. On one hand, Star topology all VSAT stations exchange information exclusively with the Master Station, commonly called the Hub. On the other hand, the Mash topology, VSAT stations can communicate with each others without the need to go through the Hub, thus avoiding the double jump, which is when the communication needs to pass through an intermediate station to get to your destination.

The VSAT network technology added to powerful and modern satellites, allow us to connect to the world increasingly remote locations. Examples such as the vessels and platforms that work in the Brazilian pre-salt area, mines installed in the Atacama Desert and indigenous communities of the Amazon river. In all these places it is possible to offer phone lines with good quality, cutting-edge medicine including the use of remote surgeries, internet and many other features that were not possible until recently.

Exemplo de Topologia Estrela

Exemplo de Topologia Mash

About us

Inovsat is a company focused on the development of projects in Satellite Telecommunications, focusing on offshore markets, mining and areas of difficult access with little or no telecommunications infrastructure.


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